FieldSwitch Irrigation Decoders - Excellence in decoder design and manufacturing


The Problem

Our experience, and that of many customers, is that some other irrigation decoder brands have unacceptable failure rates. The nature of failures range from simple DOA, to some working when programmed on the bench, and then not functioning in the field through to not working at certain addresses, and in-service failures after a short time. Also experienced is that some would respond to their default address, but not program to a new address.

The Solution

As electronic designers, and with our extensive experience of decoders since 1998, we suspected what the problems were, and set about designing a new decoder that would be fit for purpose. We then tried to 'break it' in every imaginable way until we were confident that our design, and manufacturing processes were  ‘bullet-proof’.



With well over 18,000 irrigation decoders shipped, and 9 yr old irrigation decoders in the ground – still working - and not a single one returned, we think that we are quite justified to SHOUT about our product - and offer our perfect reliability to everyone. .


If you've listened to our competition, you will know that they said that we could not and would not match their reliability – in fact we have trashed their reliability by achieving 100%. One competitor was very ‘loud’ about how poor our decoder would be – that was the biggest clue that we were on the right track. Like our competition, we offer a 5 yr warranty on irrigation decoders. Unlike some of our competitors, we won't reject or quibble about returned decoders, and even if we wanted to be 'difficult', our reliability means we haven't had the opportunity !



The TIC team are committed to the future. Neither our business, nor the rights to our products are for sale. We are in the irrigation controller and decoder business for the long haul - continuously thinking about and implementing ideas for bettering existing products and developing new.

Our irrigation decoder and controller products are installed in Europe, the Americas and Australasia, in cold, tropical and arid environments. In valve boxes, directly buried and even hanging-up in trees.

In addition to our quality and reliability – we have used our electronics design & manufacturing experience to achieve a lowest possible manufactured cost – such that we can offer very competitive pricing.

TIC is happy to offer direct sales to UK and international customers. Dryspell Irrigation Solutions are our principle UK distributor, and can be contacted on 01789 721623 if you prefer.