** NEWS **


 Feb 2021.


We're pleased to announce the availability of our TW2 board set in "3-Wire Toro" (SC3000 / Trident) form.

These boards provide a simple replacement for SC3000 controllers, and is operated and programmed exactly like the ubiquitous and familiar TW2 / Logic Aquarius 2100 and 2400 series controllers.

At the same time we have engineered a new display/keyboard. This means that the TW2/Aquarius controllers (inc the 3-wire version) can live-on and be supported for years to come.

TIC also has a 3-wire "Toro/SC/Trident" compatible decoder. This is a mature product, manufactured and sold sine 2008.



Please inquire via Kim at Aquarile (www.aquarille.com).