A brief history 



TIC continues to grow it's market share, and bring new irrigation products to market - alongside providing innovative design solutions and on-going manufacturing services to many clients. Some of our client relationships stretch back to when we started in 1991. 




I have been associated with Nigel Bond (BRB Electronics Ltd etc.) since 1992 and continue to do so; we are currently working on proposed, innovative, precision digital thermometers for industrial and scientific applications for a key client. Early projects centered around the design and production of laboratory instrumentation; these and subsequent projects have consistently achieved on-time and on budget.

Great market success has been obtained from sales of the resultant products.  Importantly, technical support has been consistently available on a real time basis.



Ken Jefferies   UKL Instrumentation Ltd.



Labfacility has been working with Nigel Bond (BRB etc) for more than 20 years on various digital instrumentation projects. Importantly for us, Nigel Bonds’ grasp of thermal considerations (not readily found with Electronics Design Engineers) has greatly assisted with achieving accurate and stable measurements.

Projects have been conducted on schedule and on budget and the projects in questions has gone on to successful production and sales. On going technical support has always been available whenever it has been required 

Future product development firmly on the agenda.



Martin Riddett    Labfacility Ltd.



My company (Tactek Services Ltd) has had a successful business relationship with J.C. Electronics/TIC for over seven years and will continue to use JCE products, design and electronic expertise, to enhance our products, well into the foreseeable future.

JCE has provided the electronic aspect of Tacteks equipment, redesigning the existing electronics enhancing the usability and performance of products deployed, in various theatres of combat and covert operations, by Special Forces and Government Agencies.

JCE has always supported us especially when time has been at a premium; their Electronics have been proved to perform well and consistently in very different and sometimes harsh environments.

JCE has followed our design brief and provided exactly what was required in the production phase.



Albert Burger OBE   Tactek Services Ltd