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Wednesday29 June 2022

Firmware Downloads and Support files

TIC's policy is for product lifetime firmware support. Current firmwares are available below, and contain feature enhancements as well as any bug fixes.

Two different methods of update are used across TIC products.

Non SD-Card

Non SD-Card equipped products are supported via a PC based firmware download utility. This stand-alone .EXE (Plus a C library DLL if needed) is available below. 

Firmware files are .TIC file types.

It's best to create a directory on your PC for TIC product upgrades. Download the down-loader below, and if necessary the DLL (This may well already be on your PC). Download the .TIC file of interest, into the same directory. Please see the TIC down-loader instruction manual for full instructions for .TIC upgrades.

SD-Card equipped

SD-Card equipped products are updated with .BIN files. These must be copied to the root directory of a FAT16 or FAT32 micro (TF) SD-card. Note that TIC currently only support FAT32 cards with single cluster root directories. We recommend formatting FAT32 cards prior to use - to avoid any possibility of a multiple cluster root directory. Simply erasing all files is not a guarantee.

Also provided below are Excel template files (in CSV format) that can be used as a starting point for building databases for our Touch Controllers.

TIC PC based Firmware Update utility



  • Download - Executable
  • Download - DLL file (if needed)
  • Download - .TIC upgrade instructions

iT508/Aquarille Touch.

Update via SD-Card(FAT16 or FAT32 TF (Micro) card required)

The controller current only supports update from files named "IM_T_CPU.BIN". Therefore downloaded files must be renamed to this file name (i.e. remove the "Vx.xx") before putting onto SD card. Further controller updates will eventually support picking from a list of files in the format "IM*.BIN". 

  • iT508/Aquarille Touch - Latest release - Firmware V2.00  (Release notes)
  • iT508/Aquarille Touch - Prior release - Firmware V1.28  (Release notes)
  • iT508/Aquarille Touch - WIP/Beta release - Firmware V0.00  (Release notes)


  • iT508/Aquarille Touch - Example/Template CSV database file

Smart 127/254 & Aquarille Smart.

Update via SD-Card (FAT16 or FAT32 TF (Micro) card required)

  • Smart/Aquarille Smart - Firmware Vx.xx (Release notes)
  • Smart/Aquarille Smart - Example/Template CSV database file

Monitor 100+ & Aquarille 127 (Not the older 'Tonick' made Irri-Monitor 100 - which is not upgrade able)

Update via RS485 (PC Serial or USB adaptor required)

  • Monitor 100+ - Generic branding - Firmware V2.7 (Release notes)
  • Aquarille 127 - Firmware V2.7 (Release notes)
  • Monitor/Aq127 - Firmware V2.8 Current


Update via RS485 (PC Serial or USB adaptor required)

  • TICTT ModBus/RTU - Firmware V4.4 Superseded (Release notes)
  • TICTT ModBus/RTU - Firmware V4.5 Superseded (Release notes)
  • TICTT ModBus/RTU - Firmware V4.6 Current (Release notes)
  • TICTT ModBus/TCP - Firmware Vx.xx (Release notes)
  • TICTT Aquarius/485 - Firmware V1.3 Current

TW2 Refurb board set.

Update via TTL serial or via Touch Screen Programmer module.


  • TW2 Modulator - V1.13 - Touch Programmer (.BIN file) - Update the programmer as per iT508/Touch - Video 
  • TW2 Modulator - V1.13 - PC/TTL (Cable required) (.TIC file) 


Internet Devices.

Update via RS485 (PC Serial or USB adapter required) AND/OR via SD-Card ..... depending on product

  • TICTT ModBus/TCP - Firmware Vx.xx (Release notes)
  • TICDNS box - Firmware Vx.xx (Release notes)

Code & Apps in Development.







N.B. All firmware (and any other files) on this website are provided in good faith - both in terms of function and suitability. However - TIC accepts no liability whatsoever for any outcome (good or bad) of the use of any file download from (or other content of) this website.

All TIC firmware files embody TIC copyright and IP. TIC reserves all it's rights and protections over these files. TIC permits the use of these files only for updating TIC manufactured hardware, and only where the file used is intended for use with the hardware being updated.

The use of files for TIC products other than the intended one may render the targeted in-operable ("Bricked"). In such events, all TIC products are recoverable by returning them to the factory. Recovery from bricked status is a chargeable activity.

All firmware files provided by TIC (on this site, or via email) have been checked to ensure they properly update the intended hardware.

All files have associated release notes which you should read to ensure you have the right file for the unit you are upgrading.

We have taken reasonable steps (within the PC update utility, and target devices) to trap, and prevent, updates proceeding where there is a mismatch between the file and the target device.