2016 has been a busy year at TIC. As well as further developing the iT508 Touch Screen Irrigation controllers, we have developed a new decoder variant. We have also developed a reduced function (and price) touch screen controller for entry-level applications. Additionally, we are in the final stages of bringing forward a PCB set that will replace the "guts" of the very popular TW2 and Aquarius 2100 / 2400 series controllers.

Further more we have developed a new version of TICTT that functions as a "Tonick" or "Aquarius PC" compatible translator. This allows for old RM1s to continue in service after the old translator has failed, and also future-proofs existing and new Aquarius PC installations. 

NEW DECODER TYPE - "Landscape Plus"

This decoder will co-exist with 'Tonick/Underhill' 63 station landscape decoders and allows sites to be expanded to a higher maximum of 127 stations. Further cable zones can then then be added if needed. All this without needing to remove or re-program the pre-existing 63 station decoders.

The LS127 decoder type is supported by all our controllers, including our OEM ModBus/SCADA decoder interface unit (TICTT). In-situ or stock 63 station decoders can be used on new stations below address 63, and LS127 can be used at any address (1 ~ 127)

The key to this all working is the careful design of the LS127 to ensure it will co-exist with the 63 - and visa versa - without any protocol overlapping.

The new decoder shares all the attributes of our other decoders. i.e. Strong lightning protection, reliable and repeatable signalling responses in poor electrical conditions of low volts, long leaky cables and leaky joints.


We have sold many "Monitor" and "Touch" controllers into sites previously equipped with TW2 and Aquarius 2100 / 2400 wall mounted controllers. However, many users are resistant to losing the familiarity of the controller that they're used to, and struggle-on with it. This often requires expensive site visits, and relies on an ever diminishing supply of spare parts.

The TIC "TW-ReNew" is a pair of brand new PCBs using TIC's proven decoder signalling technology as employed on our other controllers.

The PCBs require the re-use of the existing LED/Switch PCB and the system transformer. New parts are available, but experience shows that these parts do not fail. However, we can supply re-furbished and brand new transformers and LED/Switch PCBs if needed.

The user interface is no different to the existing controllers. Users can transition onto the new version with no training or instruction. There are a extra features, but these no not get in the way of the way of the original user interface.



TIC's new TICTT/AQ and TICTT/TW are DIN rail mounting decoder translator units that replace existing "Tonick" translators. The do not re-use the exiting translator's back-plate, and therefore require a new transformer. TIC's standard 32VAC/30VA wall mounted translator is suitable for most applications. Where old Watermation or long "Tonick" decoders are still in use, a higher voltage may be needed (contact us for details)

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