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Wednesday29 June 2022

FieldSwitch 2 Wire decoder - Custom


Regular TIC decoder types are compatible with many decoder systems incorporated within OEM controller systems. For example Aquamonix, Underhill and Mottech decoder systems use the same signalling characteristics & protocols as TIC FieldSwitch decoders. For exact compatibility clarification, please contact TIC. 

Some OEM decoder systems use the same signalling characteristics, but different protocols; incorporating region/manufacturer differences within the signalling. TIC is able to produce custom decoders compatible with these decoder types.

Our manufacturing set-up allows us to be very flexible, giving quick turn round and low MOQs - whilst maintaining lowest pricing.

The above allows re-sellers and users to benefit from TIC's competitive pricing and bullet-proof reliability. All TIC decoders are guaranteed (on a replacement only basis) for 5 years, including damage from Lightning(*). To date, TIC has not had a single decoder returned from the 20,000+ decoders shipped.

(*) Lightning warranty subject to controller configuration, and proper grounding.





Ordering Information

Please contact TIC with your specific requirements. 

Specification (typical).

  • Size - 51(+wires) x 38 x 24 mm
  • Weight - 75 grams
  • Input - 12 ~ 40 RMSVAC - 45 ~ 65Hz - Pure sine wave
  • Output - The input switched, via 1ohm. Max 500mA
  • Protocol - Various
  • Programmer - TIC Handheld or "Tonick"
  • CE- Marked

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