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Tuesday17 May 2022

TICTT - DNP3 over IP.

** In development for 2017 **

WEB, TCP/IP, ModBus, DNP3 etc. Bridging to Irrigation Decoders.


TIC's field-proven TICTT decoder interface is getting a technical overhaul for 2017. First produced in 2007, running ModBus/RTU over RS485, 2017 will see a complete re-vamp of the digital sections. The original 8 bit CPU will be gone, replaced with a fast and powerful ARM/Cortex, supported by extensive data and program memories.

The irrigation decoder signalling algorithm and field cable interface is unchanged from the original TICTT, and is the same as used on all our decoder signalling products - thus retaining our field-proven reliability and repeatability, with strong lighting protection and need for just a single earth stake at the controller end (one per field cable)

This extra computing power will enable the new hardware to support a plethora of IP protocols to provide universal functionality - from a stand-alone universal web browser administered irrigation controller - thru to a DNP3/ModBus slave - allowing risk-free, reliable and repeatable SCADA to Irrigation decoder interfacing.

All running without the risk and encumbrance of bloated operating systems that would otherwise sap CPU power, and bring risk from upgrades and bugs that are not under our control.

The development is being primarily driven by one of our customer's demand for Ethernet to Decoder bridging. The work is currently being interleaved with TICs other development projects. Whist we're 'getting on with it', the priority for this work will reflect other expressions of interest.

Please email us if you require further information - otherwise watch this page for news of project milestones.

Progress so far: -

  • Hardware schematics designed.
  • TCP/IP stack fully implemented, and fully tested & functional.
  • ModBus/TCP running "on the bench".