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Wednesday29 June 2022


The TIC Hand Held Fieldswitch Decoder Programmer offers unrivalled convenience and versatility for programming and testing all TIC 2 wire FieldSwitch irrigation decoders.

This is a must have item for the serious user/installer. Competing products require a separate inverter AND access to a 12V battery supply. Our programmer is fully self-contained, powered by internal batteries, and simply slips into a shirt pocket.

Programming and testing is achieved with a fully digitally synthesised 45 to 65Hz (settable) pure sine wave source, with similarly synthesised and accurate decoder signalling wave forms.

Clever power management achieves a battery life that exceeds one year for a busy installer, and many years for the occasional user. All from two AA cells. As an example, we use this programmer (inside a test jig) for final decoder testing during product production. A set of AA batteries will test in excess 2000 decoders.

N.B. We recommend the removal of the batteries if the unit is to be left unused for a significant period.

When not in use, the programmer automatically powers off, and consumes no power. Left in this state, the batteries will survive for their shelf life. (For the technically curious, the power-down supply current is 3uA). Re-powering is simply a matter of pressing a button.




  • Part Number - ticprg
  • Size - 135(+wires) x 69 x 25 mm
  • Weight - 200 grams (Approx - inc batteries)
  • Power - 2 off AA cells - Any type supported, (NiCad's(*) OK if good condition and fully charged)
  • Output - 13 VAC RMS.
  • Decoder - Connects via 4 off 'crocodile' leads.
  • Decoder types - All TIC Fieldswitch 2-wire. Tonick, Aquamonix, Rainman, Mottech, Underhill, and many other types. Software V2.0 supports senders, sensor decoders and DIAS/Clipcoder etc.
  • CE - Marked

(*) NiCads not really recommended. Operation below 2.3V (total volts) is unreliable. A pair of full charge NiCads give a nominal 2.4V total. If programming/Testing the older/longer tonick decoders, 1.5V Alkaline cells are recommended.