** NEW in 2021 **

*** Now with 3-wire (Toro Sc3000 / Trident) option ***

*** Newly developed display/keyboard keeps TW3/Aquarius (and 3-wire option) alive for years to some ***



Revive your old TW2/Aquarius 2100 & 2400 Irrigation controller

with TIC/Aquarille designed spare parts.





Brings your old TW2 or Aquarius 2100 & 2400 controller into the 21st Century using TIC's decoder signalling technology that is field proven in 1000's of sites all over the world.

The PCBs fit seamlessly into the TW-2 and Aquarius enclosures.

PCBs sets are available in single and four zone variants.

The user interface is identical, and current users can transition with no training or instruction. We have made a few functionality improvements that add some convenience. i.e. the clock/day is displayed when the unit is OFF. There is also now a simulator mode that allows programs to be test run without decoders connected.

Existing cable(s) and their decoder simply connect as per the original.

Decoder switching detection is achieved with our reliable current change algorithm, and the sensitivity can be manually tuned (if necessary) via an extension of the original set-up procedure.

Remote control capability is added as standard. Any audio level DTMF source may be used. i.e. a radio receiver, or low cost PAYG mobile phone in "auto answer" mode.

Fully detailed supplementary installation & operation manual - will appear in the support pages of this website in due course.



TW-2 and Aquarius 2100/2400 units will be on the Aquarille stand (Hall A, Stand A29) at BTME Jan '17 - Come and have a look and try it out.

Download Aquarille flyer


Purchase / Installation Options (in association with Aquarille)

(*) At the time or writing, Aquarille have adequate stock of the necessary old controller parts.